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We Develop All Kinds of Websites!

Posted by Jon on the 9th of April, 2015 in the Web Design Halton Blog
We Develop All Kinds of Websites mostly using HTML

A lot of web design companies these days are quite content to just churn out bog-standard websites that have been crafted on simple Content Management Systems like Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla. This isn't that big of a deal, Wordpress is used by almost every developer these days, there are believed to be some 70 million or so websites on the web that were built using this system.
Most Content Management Systems are relatively easy platforms to use and there are literally thousands of templates available for Wordpress sites alone.
The problem lies with some of the web design charlatans out there, you know who you are! They protest to be a experts at web design when they are nothing more than Wordpress developers and don't know a thing about coding. Whenever they experience problems with the development that require a modicum of knowledge in coding they come a cropper.
Of course if they're honest about their limitations then I'm not complaining, good on them if they're making a successful living out of it. Many developers that become successful web designers began life on easy to use Content Management Systems like Wordpress, before further learning the trade and advancing their knowledge by learning how to code. More power to them! As I say, the problem is with the charlatans that don't deliver on the promises they offer. They offer cheap websites that don't measure up to the standard of an established web designer.
Web Design Halton mostly create websites using HTML and if there are ever any issues, we know how to fix it!

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