Poomstyles Online Music Downloads website
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Poomstyles Online Music Downloads website

The Poomstyles Online Music Downloads website introduces a brand new record label from professional club music DJ, Poomstyles. Based out of Halton, Poomstyles has been producing his own music on the Scouse House/UK Bounce scene for almost two decades. After previously signing to record labels such as, 'Bounce Heaven Digital', 'Revolution Records', 'Rebound UK', 'Chubby Choons' and 'Cheeky Tracks', Poomstyles decided it was time to create his own label and began releasing his own music on the new 'Poomstyles' record label.

Over the years, Poomstyles has collaborated with various artists like Starman, HarryHard, Rob Cain and Groove Control. He's performed at many top events throughout the UK and abroad, including Clubland and Bounce Anthems at Red Buddha in Birkenhead, FUBAR at Pulse Night Club and the Screamfest festival in Southport, Evos Loft in New Brighton, Kandy Klub in St Helens, Studio 46 in Wigan, Bounce Bonanza in Bolton, Manhattan's in Cumbria, IKON in Newcastle, Club B-Low in Burnley, 'Bounce Till I Die' and Reminisce, in the UK and in Magaluf.

He's also had residencies at venues across the North West, including the 'Guilty Pleasure' events in Runcorn.

The Poomstyles.com website is the first port of call for all of his new releases. Tunes like 'Save Me', 'Mystery Land' and 'Pipes', to name a few, are all available to download.

For bookings, you can contact Poomstyles directly through the 'Poomstyles.com' website.

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