A1 Antenna Aerials

A1 Antenna Aerials


A1 Antenna Aerials

A1 Antenna Aerials are a small local business with almost 30 years experience installing TV Aerials and Satellites Dishes at affordable prices.

All of their engineers have a minimum of ten years on-the-job experience with home installations and repairs. Their website is updated regularly by WDH and provides useful information for new and existing clients.


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Project Features

Web Design

This custom-designed, user-friendly website was designed and developed by WDH.

Responsive Web Design

All websites we create are fully functionable on multiple platforms and screen sizes.

Mobile Design

This is a mobile-friendly website that will work on any iPhone or an Android phone.

Logo Design

We create layered logo designs presented in different formats and resolutions.

Content Creation

We crafted a substantial amount of content during the development of this project.

HTTPS Padlock Secure

This website is secured with trusted key encryption domain validation SSL Certificates.

Website Maintenance

This website is maintained and regularly updated with fresh content by WDH.

Social Media Integration

This website is linked to and integrated with multiple social media platforms.


We offer additional services to our existing clients such as Search Engine Optimisation.


Before we go ‘Live’ with any new project, we work with our clients until they are 100% happy with the outcome. We create tidy responsive websites that are fully functional on Desktops, Tablets and Mobile Phones.

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