Album Cover Design
by Web Design Halton

If you are looking for a graphic designer to create a cover for your book, music album or single, then Web Design Halton may be what you're looking for. We are here to help you with the design of your cover, at a price that won't break your bank balance. We will work with your ideas and design a cover within your budget.

Music Cover Design - Shine On (Star Citizen)

DJ Poomstyles Star Citizen music album cover design from Web Design Halton

Web Design Halton have been involved in an array of graphical design projects over the last few years, including creating music covers for albums and singles by music producers here in the North West of England.

The Shine On (Star Citizen) music track featuring the vocals of Nikki Lynch, was created by two of the best up and coming bounce producers on the club scene today.

Like other projects we get involved in, our clients input is essential to the finished design. The process entails an initial correspondence between ourselves and the client involved, from which we aim to gather as much information with regards to the clients desires as possible.

After the initial correspondence, which can be as simple as a few email exchanges or telephone interactions, we go away and create a few, usually three or four formal designs for our clients to muse over.

The next stage in the process, involves the client informing Web Design Halton on what they liked or disliked about each of the initial designs. Following this, we again go away and produce more designs with the clients desires in mind. As was the case with the 'Shine On (Star Citizen)' project, this to and fro can sometimes be quite quick, however in some cases, the process can take a few weeks, nevertheless, the end product is always a design that both Web Design Halton and the client is happy with.

During the design and development of any project carried out by Web Design Halton, the clients needs and desires are always the main focus of concern. Our ultimate aim is to create graphical designs that each of our clients first envisioned when they decided to approach us for our services. We always take great care to create designs that are free of any mistakes. As a result, we are maticulous with our designs and endeavour to deliver an end product that will stand up to any measure of scrutiny.

As mentioned above, there are usually various stages in developing Music Album Cover Designs. As a client, your first order of business is to sit down and realise what exactly you are looking for with any potential project you wish to commit to. Following your own critical assessment of your own ideas and a willingness to procede. You may be at the stage were a graphic designer like 'Web Design Halton' can help and take on the project. We encourage as much input into the design and styling of any project we choose to embark on with our clients. Client satisfaction is of paramount importance to 'Web Design Halton'.