Website Services Prices
by Web Design Halton

All of the prices for Website Services that you see below are guidelines for potential clients to muse over. Each of the prices estimated for the services available may differ for each client, depending on a number of issues. For example, the Domain Registration prices will depend on which TLD (Top Layer Domain) you choose for your website, as many TLD's cost significantly more than others. As a service, we only charge a flat rate of £15 as an administration charge for the registration process itself, the rest of the cost incurred is for the actual price of the domain name. Besides the £15 administration charge, we don't make a profit on any domain name.

Extra Web Services Available

Both SEO and Website Maintenance from Web Design halton are only available as an annual service. With SEO, we will monitor the website and provide our clients with a monthly analysis of visitors to the site. Website Maintenance involves us working with our clients to regular update the website, creating new slides, blogs and basically adding new content, usually on a monthly basis.

Website Services Prices

Website Service Base Cost Additional Info
Additional Pages  £50 + (depending on content provided)
Additional Slides  £40 + (without Website Maintenance)
New Blog Posts  £30 + (without Website Maintenance)
Basic SEO £300 Per Year (New websites only)
Premium SEO £15 Per Hour (Minimum of 10 Hours per month)
Website Maintenance £300 P/Yr (Updates)
Premium Website Maintenance £600 P/Yr (Updates & Additional Content)