Search Engine Optimisation
by Web Design Halton

Web Design Halton only offer Search Engine Optimisation to a limited number of clients throughout the year. Providing Search Engine Optimisation can be quite time consuming as the process of getting traffic to a website is a mighty task for any developer.

What is Seach Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization in Liverpool City Region

The whole process of Search Engine Optimization involves a myriad of different approaches to garner traffic to the website in question. Among these approaches include:

  • Streamlining a websites code to improve its page speed.
  • Correctly inputting meta data for each page on the site.
  • Prioritising keyphrases for the headers on each page.
  • Link building to help drive quality traffic to the site.
  • Having the right meta-tags on each page of the site.
  • Making the most of social media by linking it to the site.
  • Monitoring the sites visitors to see which keyphrases are effective.
  • Pro-actively using internet marketing techniques such as Google Ads.
  • Fine tuning the content on the website to include the latest key searches.
  • Indexing the sites pages with the leading search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Getting your site on the top page of the search rankings for relevant key phrases is what we at Web Design Halton endeavour to achieve whenever we take on an SEO client. The key to this is to establish which keyphrases are first of all acheivable and which ones are the most affective to target. Being ranked as number one for certain keyphrases is the ultimate goal to establish a regular constant influx of new customers to a site.