Website Maintenance
by Web Design Halton

Web Design Halton offer Website Maintenance to our own web design clients, as a site created by ourselves is much easier for ourselves to maintain, as apposed to another site created by another developer. Some clients approach us to maintain websites that require a lot more than regular maintenance, but rather a whole re-edit as they are often not up to scratch. As a result of this, we reserve the right to refuse website maintenance to anyone that hasn't had their website designed by Web Design Halton.

What is Website Maintenance?

Website Maintenance in Liverpool City Region

Website maintenance involves keeping your website fresh so that it stays relevant for people viewing the site, either for first time visitors or returning visitors. Website maintenance entails:

  • Adding new blog posts to the website blog.
  • Creating new slides on the home page.
  • Adding to existing content.
  • Keeping the website running smoothly.
  • Making changes relevant to each season.
  • Keeping the website fresh for repeat visitors.
  • Regularly updating new events and offers available.
  • Altering the website for browsers to regularly crawl.
  • Keeping the site up-to-date with the latest security patches.
  • Generating new sitemaps for search engines to easily navigate the site.

Many business websites offering a variety services at different times throughout the year tend to take on website maintenance. Using our website maintenance service means that you'll never have your main slideshow on the home page highlighting a product or event for Christmas, being seen sometime in July. Keeping your website fresh will also help to improve the website's search rankings, as a regularly updated website will be recrawled by the browsers more often, ultimately improving the amount of visitors to your site.

As we are a small team, there are certain times when we are unable to take on Website Maintenance clients from owners that have had their site created from another developer, please refer to the contact page to see what services we are able to offer.