Green Eco-friendly Web Hosting
by Web Design Halton

Web Design Halton websites are hosted on servers powered by 100% green renewable energy. Green energy certificates are purchased from certified wind and solar-power providers, to completely offset the amount of greenhouse gas produced from our servers. Web Design Halton take the environmental impact that our business has on the planet very seriously. Through recycling waste and utilizing modern methods of communication, we have managed to keep our own emissions down to an absolute minimum.

Green Wind & Solar Power Energy Web Hosting 100% Wind & Solar Power Energy Web Hosting Wind & Solar Power Energy Eco-friendly Web Hosting
Eco-friendly Web Hosting by Web Design Halton

Web Design Halton servers are up and running no less than 99.9% of the time, they are powered by Intel and a fully featured Cisco-powered network. The data-centres housing our servers are equipped with: complete climate and temperature control; security; fire-suppression systems; water detection systems; raised floor facility; fault protection; uninterruptible power supply (UPS); standby & redundant power generation and backup generators. Whether it's the day or night, you can be confident that your website is in safe professional hands.

Web Hosting Packages

Information and Prices (web design clients only)

Hosting Package Base Cost Server Info
Proton-500 (Proton Package) £90 per Year 500 Mb Storage & 5 Gb Bandwidth
Helium-750 (Helium Package) £93 per Year 750 Mb Storage & 7.5 Gb Bandwidth
Electron-1000 (Electron Package) £96 per Year 1 Gb Storage & 10 Gb Bandwidth
Uranium-1250 (Uranium Package) £99 per Year 1.25 Gb Storage & 12.5 Gb Bandwidth
Gamma-1500 (Gamma Package) £102 per Year 1.5 Gb Storage & 15 Gb Bandwidth
Hydrogen-1750 (Hydrogen Package) £105 per Year 1.75 Gb Storage & 17.5 Gb Bandwidth
Carbon-2000 (Carbon Package) £108 per Year 2 Gb Storage & 20 Gb Bandwidth
Helix-2250 (Helix Package) £111 per Year 2.25 Gb Storage & 22.5 Gb Bandwidth
Nano-2500 (Nano Package) £114 per Year 2.5 Gb Storage & 25 Gb Bandwidth
Ultraviolet-2750 (Ultraviolet Package) £117 per Year 2.75 Gb Storage & 27.5 Gb Bandwidthh
Microwave-3000 (Microwave Package) £120 per Year 3 Gb Storage & 30 Gb Bandwidth
Deimos-3250 (Deimos Package) £123 per Year 3.25 Gb Storage & 32.5 Gb Bandwidth
Phobos-3500 (Phobos Package) £126 per Year 3.50 Gb Storage & 35 Gb Bandwidth
Nix-3750 (Nix Package) £129 per Year 3.75 Gb Storage & 37.5 Gb Bandwidth
Hydra-4000 (Hydra Package) £122 per Year 4 Gb Storage & 40 Gb Bandwidth
Marble-5000 (Marble Package) £144 per Year 5 Gb Storage & 50 Gb Bandwidth
Platinum-Dynamic (Platinum Package) £192 per Year Upto 10 Gb Storage & 100 Gb Bandwidth
Superium-Dynamic (Superium Package) £312 per Year Upto 20 Gb Storage & 200 Gb Bandwidth